Matthew Johnson

Associate Professor, Architecture, University of Houston; Partner at LOJO

“Water is is tied directly to issues and questions about climate change: the volatility of storms, tides, and flooding influence the way we build. There’s a new focus on public landscapes that perform ecologically, a shift away from the older way of thinking that prioritized formal beauty over systems and strategies.”

Matthew Johnson is Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Houston, coordinating the graduate level II program as well as the Urban Design concentration. He also runs an architecture practice Logan and Johnson Architecture LLC (LOJO). He is a graduate of Stanford and Yale Universities with expertise in the integration of landscape, infrastructure, and architecture, with a special emphasis on the use of natural systems in these disciplines. As a practicing architect and researcher, he has worked on numerous master plans, urban design projects, and large-scale architectural and infrastructural works. He has also directed several projects dealing with the integration of natural systems into architecture and infrastructure.