Irene Klaver

Director, Philosophy of Water Project; Professor and Chair at UNT Department of Philosophy and Religion

“We are already seeing the ramifications of water policy. The big shift is from seeing water as a resource or a threat to water as having its own agency, its own power, and learning to listen to and work with that agency instead of simply controlling or harnessing it.”

Irene J. Klaver is Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas and Director of the Philosophy of Water Project. She works at the interface of social-political and cultural dimensions of water. Currently she is working on a book about the Trinity River in North Texas and a monograph on Meandering, River Spheres and New Urbanism. Klaver has been Water and Culture Advisor for UNESCO and Co-Director of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy. She co-edited the UNESCO book “Water, Cultural Diversity & Global Environmental Change” and codirected two award-winning documentaries: “The New Frontier: Sustainable Ranching in the American West” and “River Planet.”