This longstanding annual program researches a topical issue such as sea level rise, soft engineering, eco-districts, or industrial landscapes in order to inform a sited design proposal. The intent of the program is to forge ties between academia, theory, professional practice, and stakeholders though a four-week project with a select group of invited graduate and undergraduate students pursuing urban design, planning, and landscape architecture studies. Findings have included insights on the future of mobility, coastline projections, and urban forestry. XL Lab currently runs a research segment within the Summer Studio. Methods of research include GIS mapping, interviews with local stakeholders and residents, fieldwork and site visits, and dialog with public officials. In addition to research, the students each produce and present a design proposal before joining an SWA studio to work on projects already in progress.


Chih Wei Chang
Hui Qing Kuang
Emily Manderson
Miza Moreau
Todd Strawn
Miao Chi Tsai
Henry Dalton
Sang Soo Lee
Mandana Parvinian
Irene Duan
Eric Schuchardt
Adam Schatz
Amy Sullivan
Anna Park
Ailyn Mendoza
Meng Cai
Gyoung Tak Park
Elise Hubbard
Soomin Shin
James Lively
Yu-Chung Li
Ho Young Lee
Po-Shan Chang
Shannon Bronson
Yizhou Xu
Mia Scharphie
Fan Qi
Hyunjoo Nam
Kate Hayes
Richard Crockett
Katherine Jenkins
Jessica Rossi-Mastracci
Frank Hu
Ji-Hee Chung
Tina Chee
Timothy Campbell
Gwendolyn McGinn
Rachel Vassar
Chunlan Zeng
Ian Mackay
Binbin Ma
Esther Korteweg
Marta Gual-Ricart
Stephanie Kopplin
Bingjie Shi
Emily A. King
Marie Salembier
Sara Fallahi
Lovisa Kjerrgren
Sam Sikanas
Adrian Duncan Smith
Johanna Cairns
Lorenzo Centioni
Heena Gajjar
Siyang (Autumn) Jing
Ruichao Li
John Wischmeyer
Tian Wu

Faranak Khas Ahmadi
Ishaan Kumar
Ho-Ting Lui
Yiqing “Ethan” Wu
Alison Ecker
Zhoufei Zhou
Andre Rioux
Zixuan (Ann) Tai
Qun Cai
Abdallah Labib
Na Wang
Roberto Astudillo, University of Michigan
Yinghua Hua, Washington University in St. Louis
Adele Meidine, Ecole Nacionale Superieur de Paysage (ENSP)
Jesse Foster Thomas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Phia Sennett, Harvard University
Sujing Sun, University of Washington
Xuezhen (Esther) Xie, Cornell University
Hanqing Zhao, UC Berkeley
Alex Wong, Columbia University
Hillary DeWildt, University of Toronto
Nian Chen, University of Texas at Austin
Yihe Wang, University of Southern California
Chenhao Zhu, University of Pennsylvania
Kongyun He, Harvard University
Wei Zeng, Harvard University
Zhe Yu Liu, University of Virginia
Harrison Raine, UC Berkeley
Luis Mota, University of Southern California
Michele Totoy, Polytechnic University of Milan
Jin Zhang, UCLA
Slide Kelly, Harvard GSD
Tejas Saiyya, University of Michigan
Xinyi Zhang, University of Pennsylvania
Yuanqing Su, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Mohammad Arabmazar, Illinois Institute of Technology
Anna Avdalyan, University of Southern California
Xinyu (Rinka) Gao, Harvard University
Roxanne Gardner, Harvard University
Dominique Lang, Prairie View A&M University
Dustin “Val Flânon” Ly, Columbia University
Sophie Maffie, University of Virginia
Cory Page, Harvard University


Port of L.A. Los Angeles, 2023

California Burning: Designing with Fire. Sausalito, 2022

Urban Resilience: Exploring the Huangpu River Northwest Bund with a New Urban Fabric. Shanghai, 2021

Endless Summer: The Search for the Perfect Ride. The Future of Mobility Oriented Development in Orange County. Laguna Beach, 2019

Baywatch SF. San Francisco, 2018

Port Houston: Moving Landscape. Houston, 2017

Leveraging Lost Linkages. Dallas, 2016

22nd Century City. Dallas, 2015

The LA River: Taylor Yard and Union Station, Los Angeles, 2014

The Infrastructural City. Los Angeles, 2013

A Study of San Francisco’s Central Corridor as an Eco-District. San Francisco, 2012

Shifting Shorelines: Sea Level Rise on the Sausalito Waterfront. Sausalito, 2011

Vallejo, California. Sausalito, 2010

The Greater Third Ward. Houston, 2009

Super Neighborhood 22: Between the Bayous. Houston, 2008

Greater East End District. Houston, 2007

Reconnecting the Old Sixth Ward. Houston, 2006

Various. 1972-2005