Amna Ansari

Associate, SWA (Houston)

“The built environment demands that water function in peculiar and sometimes wasteful ways. Where might we find ourselves when water is considered as more than a resource that serves us? Could we become more compatible with its flows, and occupy our disciplines and cultures to seek harmony with water within its own domain?”

Amna is a designer whose speculative urban strategies have been exhibited in Washington DC, Rome, Milan, and Boston. Her more than 13 years of experience have been focused on large-scale urban design projects that work toward an ideal future among infrastructure, urbanism, and transportation. Her work has been published in Urban Land Magazine and featured in Fast Company, and she has been a speaker and panelist at Texas AIA, ASLA, and the Boston Society of Architects. Amna holds a Masters of Architecture and Urbanism from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston.