Alan Krathaus

Artist & Founding Partner, Core Design Studio

“With water museums, which are something of a niche culture in Houston but being explored elsewhere, we’re teaching people how to conserve water and how they can be environmental stewards. But outside of those sorts of controlled environments, it can be a challenge to generate engagement.”

Alan Krathaus is a designer, artist, and founding partner of CORE Design Studio. For more than 25 years his work, ranging from exhibition design and master planning to user experience design to public art installations to brand development has been focused on environmental, educational, urban design, and user engagement concerns. He has been responsible for the planning and design of two of Texas’ three water museums: in Houston and on the banks of Rio Grande in Laredo. His experience designing unique water-related immersive learning environments led to an invitation to present at the International UNESCO Forum on Water and Sustainability in China last year, and he was awarded an honorable mention award by SEGD.