Aimée Woodall

CEO & Founder, Blacksheep Agency

“In our work, we try to activate people around an issue that’s difficult to understand. If you if you were to think, ‘That’s not my issue,” we boil things down to an emotional connection and the relevance to each of us personally.”

Aimée Woodall leads The Black Sheep Agency, a cause-driven brand strategy firm that works with impactful companies and organizations to activate communities around things that matter. A tireless advocate for social change and a firm believer in the power of creativity to solve any problem, Aimée focuses her company’s efforts solely on impact — serving nonprofits, civic organizations and for-profit companies that prioritize social responsibility and balance purpose with profit. Her clients include the Obama Administration, The CW Network, NRG, UT Health, the Houston Parks Board, and grassroots causes across the nation.