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  • Ningbo Eco Corridor-Tom Fox-5542.jpg

    A gallery of selected awards from 2016

  • h3

    Hui-Li Lee

    Sausalito Principal

  • Buffalo Bayou Promenade - Tom Fox 9130.jpg

    Paradise Under the Expressway

    Buffalo Bayou Promenade and Park


  • rsz_fast_co_Mega

    Fast Company features Bay Area resiliency proposal

  • The Cannery-Tom Fox-1221.jpg

    Agrihoods Take Root

    The Associated Press profiles The Cannery in Davis, CA

  • Thomas Balsley Associates

    Beginning in December, Tom will also head up the new SWA/Balsley, in NYC.

  • rsz_fuzhou-vanke-yongtai-david-lloyd-04

    Watershed Moment

    Fuzhou Vanke Town on Wallpaper.com

  • Milton Street Yoga IC1A5956

    Milton Street Park in Los Angeles

  • ASLA_Baton Rouge

    Texas ASLA Honors SWA with 9 Awards

  • LivingLivingRoom 0

    4 Awards from ASLA-Northern California Chapter

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    How Driverless Vehicles Will Change Our Urban Landscape

    Kinder Baumgardner for Cite magazine

  • 59339581_fef867ca0c_o

    IDEAS Blog

  • rsz_sandler

    Rural Renewal: Sonoma County Landscape Drives Modernist Home Design

    LUXE Interiors + Design

  • 5eaf54e0_rsz_buffalo_bayou_park_-_jonnu_singleton-6908

    “Houston Goes Global With New World-Class Parks And Bayous”


  • Nanhai Thousand Lantern Lake - Tom Fox-3915.jpg

    2015 ULI Urban Open Space Award Winner

    Thousand Lantern Lake Park System

  • vid

    Learn about the Firm

  • Wusong Riverfront Park-Tom Fox-3044.jpg

    “Sponge City: China’s Movement Toward Resilient Infrastructure”

  • 3cebe993_sidi-report-web

    SWA’s Social Impact Design Initiative

  • CREATE Campus-Tom Fox-6611.jpg

    Hanging Gardens for CREATE Technology Campus in Singapore

  • ARTIC-Tom Fox-4486.jpg


    Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center

  • UC Davis West Village - Jonnu Singleton-1984.jpg

    UC Davis West Village

    Largest Planned Net Zero Energy Development in US

  • Shenzhen Bay-Tom Fox-0380.jpg

    SWA in Shenzhen

    My Liveable City Highlights Ongoing Revitalization Efforts

  • 7566c402_gerdobookscan06

    Landscape Infrastructure: Case Studies by SWA – 2nd Edition