• Week 1 - TAYLOR YARD - Analysis

    Week 1 - TAYLOR YARD - Analysis

    The week focused on developing a diagrammatic master plan strategy outlining a potential future for the site as the first major intervention along the length of the LA River.

  • Week 2 - TAYLOR YARD - Intervention

    Week 2 - TAYLOR YARD - Intervention

    Pocket ecologies develop along existing infrastructural systems by using water from and cleansing the LA River. The water movement through the site reflects the motions of historic rails in Taylor Yard, providing the users an ecological, cultural and historic education.
    The proposed idea is to re-imagine and reuse the water resources available in the site and to create ecological pattern based on hydrological design. By proposing a series of storm water wetlands and variety of patches and orchestrating water distribution in to the site, we can provide habitat value and increase the opportunities for recreation and environmental education.

  • Week 3 - UNION STATION - Analysis

    Week 3 - UNION STATION - Analysis

    The transect study from Fort Moore Hill to the LA river investigates the existing condition of the Union Station as a “Gate Way” to the city in terms of its relation to the adjacent neighborhoods. The profile illustrates the great historic, cultural and topographical value and how the vacant lots and under used sites create a disjointed
    pedestrian connections.

  • Week 4 - UNION STATION -

    Week 4 - UNION STATION -

    The Station boarders Civic Center and several neighborhoods with significant cultural importance including China town and El Pueblo district, however as a heart of the city the area is currently lacking the essential linkage and Union Station is very disconnected from the other neighborhoods.
    The intention of this Intersection was to re-evaluate the connection of these three districts and highlight their cultural features by considering their programmatic needs. Enhancing the Broadway Street, Taking advantages of the sectional direction by developing buildings in to the hill and integrating landscape to the building program
    are some of the main design strategies.

Sara Fallahi


As a MLA student in advance program, having a B.Arch and MLA degree, I possess a keen interest in how the ecology and social dynamics of designed places shape the human experience of the landscape at multiple scales. From my earliest days as an architecture student, I have learnt to not only be concerned with design, with form and with geometry, but also at the same time concerned with tactile, beautiful and poetic experience of just being in the world. I have long been fascinated with painting and drawing and think one of the amazing ways to know the world is to wander around and drawing. By knowing about the world, people, society and natural process, I try to be more reflective, instead of just being intuitively responsive.