• Week 1 - FRAMEWORK - Taylor Yard

    Week 1 - FRAMEWORK - Taylor Yard

    The week focused on developing a diagrammatic master plan strategy outlining a potential future for the site as the first major intervention along the length of the LA River.

Marie Salembier


My name is Marie Salembier. I grew up in Paris and moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion. I was drawn into the fields of landscape architecture, urbanism and ecology a few years ago. I first learned about plants and their requirements to thrive in different settings. I then extended my interest to ecosystems and their interactions. I joined the Master of Landscape Architecture of New York City College and It has been a real life changer.

I am very excited about the impact landscape architects can have in today’s world. I am particularly interested in how humans shape their living environments and how we are shaped by our surroundings. Through sensible design interventions I want to find a just and respectful balance between the interconnected systems in place. I am very grateful for the unique opportunity SWA is offering us. I am also looking forward to share ideas and perspectives with people as passionate as I am about Landscape Architecture.