• Week 1 - TAYLOR YARD - Analysis

    Week 1 - TAYLOR YARD - Analysis

    The week focused on developing a diagrammatic master plan strategy outlining a potential future for the site as the first major intervention along the length of the LA River

Lovisa Kjerrgren


Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, I had my mind set on becoming an archaeologist or a florist. Today I am neither dusting dinosaur bones nor arranging bouquets, but as a master student of landscape architecture, I am digging into the layered histories of space and place that surround us and work to compose resilient designs where both people and plants can flourish. Through design studio and municipal internships, hands-on park maintenance and nonprofit engagements, I have explored various aspects of work within the field. More than a job, I find landscape architecture to be a way of seeing the world — exploring the everyday, trying to grasp the complexity of its fluxing processes and relationships at all scales, and envisioning ways to facilitate sustainable change through planning and design. I am intrigued by the concept, qualities and conflicts of place, of the ‘why’ as much as the ‘how’ of urban life. I view places as the coming together of multiple co-existing stories and through my design process, I strive to synthesize diverse considerations and create coherent narratives as contemporary conversations between memories of the past and visions for the future.