• Week 1

    Week 1

    The first week of the Summer Intern Program focused on inventory, analysis, and visioning for The Greater Third Ward area. The interns familiarized themselves with the character of each of the three Super Neighborhoods that exist within the 7,000-acre area, as well as the adjacent Museum District and Medical Center. In a short period of time, the students gained an understanding of the distinctive ethnic, religious, cultural, and professional elements that shape the community of The Third Ward, including both the University of Houston and Texas Southern University.

  • Week 2

    Week 2

    In the second week, Anna and Elise established connections between major green spaces and nodes of high activity. In their initial design considerations, Brays Bayou was developed into a park with three primary centers of activity, each with a unique character and features.

  • Week 3

    Week 3

    For her week three project, Anna proposed an iconic structure, the Rain Bridge, for the site located along the green corridor where Scott Street intersects Brays Bayou. Through special elements such as its vertical form, vivid color, and interactive rain-making, the bridge is highly visible and encourages visitors to seek it out. Specifically, the 80 foot high structure becomes the only place where people can observe the entire Third Ward, as well as Downtown Houston

  • Week 4

    Week 4

    The biggest challenge that I faced during the fourth week was to design an object that could adequately respond to the mass of pillars and concrete that make up the overhead freeway structure that dominates this site. The design forms of Bayou Columns Overlook are a direct response to the forest of pillars. The primary element is a group of six columns, soaring one hundred fifty foot tall and arranged into a circle

Anna Park


Anna Park is currently a student in the Master of Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2005, she received her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Architecture and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. From 2005 to 2007, she worked at Heerim Architects & Planners in Seoul, Korea. During that time, she participated in pre-design, programming, and schematic design for domestic and international competitions in the Planning Department.

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