• Week 1

    Week 1

    The first week of the Summer Intern Program focused on inventory, analysis, and visioning for The Greater Third Ward area. The interns familiarized themselves with the character of each of the three Super Neighborhoods that exist within the 7,000-acre area, as well as the adjacent Museum District and Medical Center. In a short period of time, the students gained an understanding of the distinctive ethnic, religious, cultural, and professional elements that shape the community of The Third Ward, including both the University of Houston and Texas Southern University.

  • Week 2

    Week 2

    During week two, Amy focused on the vacant and abandoned properties throughout The Greater Third Ward. She examined ideas that would: Help the community “build from within”; Establish a stronger and healthier community; Expand the economic base of the neighborhood through production, processing, packaging, and marketing of consumable products; Increase entrepreneurial activities and the creation of job opportunities

  • Week 3

    Week 3

    Edward’s street is located in an industrial area undergoing redevelopment into residential townhouses. Observing the current relatively low-land values and large lot sizes, the project departs on the assumptions that there is going to be higher density residential in the area. This project proposes that the current four lane industrial street beyond arrowed into two lane streets, and that the extra lanes be used for a pedestrian oriented green space.

  • Week 4

    Week 4

    Sharespace: How do you make an open space in hot Houston be comfortably walkable at any time of the day? Sharespace is a scheme which proposes a community open-air gallery that is shaded with a multipurpose, dual level wood trellis. The first level trellis has the shape of a hill and will become a shade canopy during the day, and a sitting structure during the night. The space will be livened up by artworks and movie screens that are hung from a higher (second-level) trellis.

Amy Sullivan


Amy Sullivan is currently a graduate student in the MLA program at the University of New Mexico. She also completed a Master of Liberal Arts focusing on Art History, and continued her art education at the MFAH Glassell School of Art. Amy has a BS in Maritime Systems Engineering from Texas A & M and a three year painting certificate from Lyme Academy, College of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut. She worked for the State of Connecticut, Department of Environmental Protection as a coastal/civil engineer before returning to school to study art. All of these experiences led to Amy’s returning to school to study landscape architecture.