Village of Woodbridge
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Landmark Southern California Community

Location Irvine, California, United States

Client Irvine Community Development Company

Scope Planning, Landscape Architecture

Size 1700 acres - 688 hectares


Two man-made lakes and 40 neighborhood parks are linked by network of trails and greenbelts

Flooding problems from nearby creek resolved

200 acres of open space

Developed over a period of more than 15 years, Woodbridge is a 9,000-unit mixed-use residential community located on 1,750 acres of land, with approximately 27,000 residents. The planning challenge was to provide a truly balanced community, linked visually and economically to the city and the region, and to provide a wide variety of housing types, integrated throughout each neighborhood. The landscape design challenge was to create topographic relief from the virtually flat site while solving flooding problems from San Diego Creek, which bisected the site, and to give the neighborhoods intimate scale, identity, greenery, and open space. The plan organized the project around two manmade lakes and more than 40 neighborhood parks, all of which are linked by a network of trails and greenbelts. There are adult-oriented parks with tennis courts and swimming pools, and family parks with play areas for children. Residential neighborhoods were designed to maximize park frontage and minimize walking distances to commercial and residential facilities. Within the residential community lies a 420-acre, mixed-use zone with civic, commercial, retail, and entertainment facilities. There are more than 200 acres of open space and affordable housing is fully integrated into the community.

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