Palo Alto Medical Center
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Creating New Pockets of Open Space

Location Fremont, California, United States

Client Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Scope Landscape Architecture

Size 7.4 acres

The Palo Alto Medical Center is an expansion of an active medical building on a site surrounded by office uses. SWA’s goal was to compose new pockets of open space between buildings and provide a contiguous landscape for patients, visitors and physicians. The landscape layout includes a plaza, healing garden and a corridor garden. A new central walkway provides pedestrian access through the site. Starting from a relocated rose memorial garden at the building entrance, the plaza is enclosed by crape myrtles. Special wood benches and a tiled water feature provide a refreshing respite for users. This plaza also serves as an extension space for the conference room and coffee kiosk. Visually accessible from the reception area, the healing garden is a colorful herb garden composed of medicinal plants, such as mint, lavender, purple coneflower, and chamomile. It provides space for educational functions. The corridor garden is a linear space next to physician offices. A planter wall is combined with special seating design. Fragrant, flowering plants are applied to reduce the sight impact of nearby parking space. The primary paving material is color concrete.

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