Longmu Bay Master Plan
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Luxury and Susatinability Go Hand in Hand at South China Island Resort

Location Le Dong, Hainan, China

Scope Planning

Size 1,500 hectares (3,706 acres); Master Planning- 15 km2; Landscape SD, DD - 5 km2


Landscape framework connects coastline to Jian Fengling National Forest

Greenbelts foster habitat, treat runoff, provide trails

Light rail, bicycles, and water taxis provide alternative transportation

Setting integrates water conservation and reduces energy demands

Hainan Province, literally translated as “South of the Sea,” is the smallest, southernmost province of China. Comprised of two hundred small islands scattered along the southern coast of China, Hainan represents the three archipelagos of the southern coast. Hainan Island is the largest of the islands, with an area of approximately 33,920 square kilometers. Despite its lush natural resources, Hainan has remained free of heavy industrialization and is thus a popular international tourist attraction due to its beautiful greenery, stunning beaches, and clean air. On the west side of Hainan Island, nestled in between the mountainous forests and the brilliant sunsets over the Bay of Beibu, lays a 5.1 km beachfront area that is the location for the Longmu Bay International Resort. The resort project aims to be the highest quality destination resort on the west coast of Hainan, taking advantage of the almost entirely untouched landscape. Building upon earlier studies and work, SWA’s master plan integrates and expands upon a focus on ecological, sustainable, and aesthetic principles. The entrances to the site – via carefully located roadways and infrastructure – will imbue a sense of entry and elegance through both the landscape design and the architectural features. The landscape framework connects the coastline to Jian Fengling National Forest, with greenbelts that foster habitat, treat runoff, and provide trails. The landscape is pivotal to creating a ‘sense of place’, and provides the inspiration and aesthetic guidelines for the rest of the resort. Alternative transportation options on bikeways, water taxis and local light rail allow visitors to take full access to all the site amenities, while the landscape design creates a beautiful, lush resort setting that integrates water conservation and reduces energy demands. A tourist and travel hotspot, the design significance of Longmu Bay will increase property values in the surrounding area and create a destination resort with international acclaim for Hainan.

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