LA Plaza Cultura de Artes
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Location Los Angeles, California, United States

Client L.A. County and ELP Advisors

Scope Landscape Architecture

Size 3.75 acres

El Pueblo, the birthplace of Los Angeles, La Plaza Cultura Village will be a mixed-use, transit-oriented development totaling 425,000-square-feet of retail, apartments (20% low income units), cultural facilities, and public open space. Two large, surface parking lots will be transformed into a vibrant community that builds upon the rich cultural, historic, and geographical context of the area. At the heart of the project, an Historic Paseo passes through the site, providing a pedestrian connection from Union Station to the Fort Moore Memorial. The project will construct two of the five blocks of the Historic Paseo. The first block will be a vibrant public gathering place with cafes, restaurants, cultural facilities, and other food services. A large, stately California sycamore will anchor the public space and reference the local El Aliso sycamore that served as a gathering place for many cultures during its 400-year-life. The second block of the Historic Paseo will be reminiscent of a traditional hillside village while climbing over 40 feet of elevation to the Fort Moore Memorial. While located within the traditional El Pueblo neighborhood, the project also borders the famous dragon gate of Chinatown. Interpretive signage, paving inlays, cultural iconography, and traditional building materials honor the cultures who have come together to form this diverse area of Los Angeles. In addition to the ground-floor, public space, over a dozen roof decks provide settings for social interaction and recreation. Several skyline decks, a dog park as well as a pool and amenities deck offer residents the opportunity to enjoy the unbeatable Los Angeles weather a few steps away from their apartment.

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