Anaheim Convention Center
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Linear Garden Plaza

Location Anaheim, California, United States

Scope Landscape Architecture

Size Ten-acre plaza

The inspiration for the landscape concept for the Anaheim Convention Center Expansion can be found in the cultural heritage and landscape traditions of the City of Anaheim. The landscape traditions, as experienced throughout central Anaheim recall the romance of the agrarian lifestyle which had reached its peak in the late 1880’s at a time when southern California was experiencing its most rapid growth. The architecture and gardens of the new Center accommodate a diversity of modern uses while reflecting the memory and legacy of the agrarian landscape that was once visible. Central to the Convention Center’s design is the introduction of the agrarian garden, which begins at the northern edge of Katella Avenue and extends along the eastern edge of the expansion separating the Convention Center from the existing Marriott and Hilton Hotel properties. The garden recalls the patterns of the agricultural landscape that once existed in the surrounding fields. Radiating out from the Center’s existing arena and new arrival court, the plantings are conceived as a series of botanical gardens. Each segment of planting displays a rich variety of groundcovers, grasses, and shrubs, suggesting earlier agricultural elections. Public paths provide access throughout the gardens.

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