Alameda Marina Village
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From Obsolete Shipyard to Mixed Use Community

Location Alameda, California, United States

Client Alameda Marina Village Associates; Vintage Properties

Scope Planning, Landscape Architecture

Size 206 acres

Marina Village is the residential portion of an obsolete shipyard redevelopment along the Oakland estuary of the San Francisco Bay. The overall master plan integrates homes, marinas, and mixed-use buildings into a setting of man-made lagoons, waterfront parks, and historic structures. As part of this total redevelopment, Marina Village includees180 town home/condominium units on 29 acres and the development of a 5 acre public park. The design develops a public shoreline park between the marina and housing, and provides continuous public bike and pedestrian access with seating areas, picnic areas, open field area and exercise stations. A system of lagoons establishes separation and privacy at the interface between homes and the public, and extends the influence of the estuary into the interior of the site. The concept called for homes to be clustered around auto courts, nestled along lush lagoons. Greenways provide pedestrian connections to pool facilities and bridge connections to the park. SWA, acting in close collaboration with the client, engineers and architects, was responsible for the general siting of buildings, roads and open spaces, the design of open space areas, and coordination with other consultants on the project. The landscape architects also worked closely with governing agencies and helped gain the support and approval from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and the City of Alameda. The project raised public perception by partially implementing the dramatic conversion and revitalization of an abandoned World War I shipyard into a unique village along the Alameda estuary. The public now enjoys continuous public promenades and adjoining waterfront facilities and amenities along the shoreline and open space.

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