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This topical project focused on assembling the innovative ideas and approaches from the firm’s design practice in both print and digital formats. The intent of the project was to give insight into ways SWA addresses larger issues, for instance, how to design responsibly as the population grows. The first journal opened, “our resources…can only sustain this many people if we address the challenges:…understanding how to use resources sustainably, how to organize ourselves and our cities, and how to reduce our footprint through innovative design practices.” IDEAS journal has covered designers’ inspiration, theories, analysis, strategies, iterative thinking, and reflections in relation to their landscape architecture, urban design, and planning work. Topics explored included: landscape as catalyst, praxis, coastal resiliency, water and wetland infrastructure, agriculture, safety and health, and the life of public spaces. IDEAS blog paralleled the journal and featured posts on ecology, landscape infrastructure, urbanism and planning, arts and culture, and social impact.

Editorial team:

Charly Nelson, SWA

Sarah Peck, SWA

Gerdo Aquino, SWA

Julie Eakin, SWA

Martina Dolejs, SWA


Thanks to:

Scott Cooper, Kerri da Silva, Kevin Shanley, Rene Bihan, Liz Lagedrost, and Tom Fox, SWA

Joe Gose, The New York Times

Morris Newman, Comstock’s

Amy Entwisle, Imagine (John Hopkins University)

Karrie Jacobs, Metropolis

John Bass, University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Chris Bentley, The Architect’s Newspaper

Rachna Kothari, mylivablecity.com

Esha Chhabra, Dwell Magazine

Chris Davis, chinausa.com



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