2014.11.18  Watermark: Notes from the California Aqueduct

This fellowship investigates junctures in California’s landscape that have been shaped by the appropriation and reallocation of water. It does not attempt to solve the water crisis, but rather, seeks to challenge public misconception of the character of California’s land and the source of water that has so altered it.The project poses the following questions:

1. The State Water Project was envisioned in an era of engineering triumph – its contexts have since changed. How can future design of California’s water infrastructure reflect new understanding of this critical/essential resource?

2. Can a richer vocabulary—written or visual—improve discussion of the endemic diversity of regions in California that are so often reduced to the single descriptor: dry?

3. How do we understand an aqueduct in relation to a river? Has the channelization of California’s waterways impacted the public’s attitude towards water as a resource?