2014.11.18  Re-Imagining Playgrounds

The population of urban youth is rapidly growing while the development of child-friendly infrastructures and playgrounds has stagnated. Only risk-free, cookie-cutter playgrounds or digital games and electronic products that keep kids on the couch seem available.

“Playscape” evolves from the term playground. By combining the functionality of “play” and the spirit of “landscape” design, it encourages recreational and interactive activities through the shaping of landscape. Moreover, playscape aims to take on a broader social function that links neighborhoods and cities together and bring them close to nature.

This fellowship encourages the exploration of “playscape” design and expertise within SWA. Based on literature reviews and field trips to successful cases worldwide, the fellowship identified good characteristics of playscapes and indexed playscapes according to age constraints, materiality, scale, and design strategy. Besides offering a design toolkit for playscape, this fellowship also looked into local codes/regulations, market potential, and the possibility of establishing a firm-wide platform for sharing information and exchanging ideas.