2011.03.17  Landscape Urbanism

When writing about landscape architecture does take place, it is often technical, boring, or self-referential – how does the written and design work of landscape arhictects reach out to the public beyond built projects? Why can’t writing about landscape architecture be the same as our projects – fun, playful, exciting, useful, relevant, innovative, revealing, smart?

Why is landscape architecture so underwritten? There is a dearth of writing about landscape, urbanism, and the pressing issues of landscape architecture today. The field has progressed immensely over the last 50 years but occupies a relatively underappreciated realm of public perception.

This project aims to connect landscape architecture to the public – to communicate the profession’s ideals and impact beyond immediate professionals involved in its creation. The average person doesn’t know the importance of public space, how space gets designed, or who is involved in the design process.

In addition, we need more relevant references and public resources for landscape architects, planners, architects and designers of the built environment.

The goals of this project are to: increase involvement, presence, connections within and beyond landscape architecture field; to tap into digital networks and connections to reveal the interdisciplinary nature of landscape architecture; to showcase architecture, planning, design, preservation, policy, and art; and to create an accessible resource for and about landscape architecture and landscape urbanism.

Landscape Urbanism
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