2014.03.24  Eco Corridors

The 21st century will experience global urbanization on an unprecedented scale. While the industrial world has already witnessed the damage of unchecked urban expansion –disruptions to our natural systems, degradation of human health and well-being, depletion of resources — the developing world is currently undergoing transformations at a rate that could exacerbate these issues beyond reconciliation. Due to their size and density, however, cities also offer us our greatest opportunity to enact the greatest impact for change. This fellowship explored integrated strategies for sustainable urban design, focusing on the essential role of landscape as the foundation of the next generation of green and healthy global cities. Through studying the ecodistricts movement and other similar programs, this fellowship identified key contributions that can be made in the public landscape. In addition to site visits, interviews with industry leaders, and a literature survey, this fellowship provided a roadmap for better facilitiating sustainable design at SWA, including intiating a digital library, a marketing strategy, and ISIS, the Integrated Sustatinability Initative Strategy, which focuses on process improvement at SWA.